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Residential Interior Designers

The commercial interiors industry has evolved largely since the middle of the last century for a variety of reasons. Historically, architects have held responsibility for completing the architectural interior of buildings, although artisans, craftsmen, furniture makers and — more recently — interior decorators have played a role. Beginning in the mid-1900s, the idea of the speculative building and a shift from corporate ownership to leasing began to separate the design of the building from the design of its interior. Urban cores have aged, prompting the need for interior renovation of still viable building shells. More importantly, an increasing complexity associated with the building interior — in workplace, healthcare, institutional and other types of environments — required an increased expertise and an increased level of specialization in professional services. This trend toward specialization continues, as evidenced by such things as LEED-certification and similar credentialing, which continue to fragment expertise across the range of architectural and design services.

The immergence of a commercial interiors market has brought with it an extensive support structure of professional organizations (IIDA, ASID, IDC, IFI), academic accreditors (CIDA), and regulatory agencies (NCIDQ) — along with some success in the licensing arena — which have helped to professionalize the discipline. Academic programs previously focused on home economics and the design of the residential interior began to adjust to accommodate this new commercial interiors market. Architectural education, it’s worth noting, did not, likely given its longer history and somewhat more entrenched position.

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